We love hearing updates and seeing how our pups are growing. We'll slowly load some pictures and stories of our pups in their new homes on this page. 


Osuno Donnie Darko

Born 06/12/2018 to mum Alex and dad Koda, Sven growing up fast with his new family in Auckland. 

Sven human's sent us a lovely update with some awesome photos!

"Thought you might like to see how Sven is doing now he’s coming up the big six months.

He’s gotten (and still getting) so much bigger so fast!  He’s very smart (it took a matter of days for him to learn sit, come, roll over, and shake hands.......we’re still working on “stay”. Haha).  He’s very

 goofy, and mischievous, with a love of barking at the cats and running off with soft toys that don’t belong to him.

He loves tummy rubs,  diced carrots and most of all he loves our daughter Zoey.  They have the coolest friendship. "

Thank you for the update :)


Osuno Miss Marple

Born 12/07/2018 to mum Polska and dad Bosse, Leia is now living the good life in the deep south of New Zealand. 

Leia's human mum and dad sent us a lovely update with some awesome photos!

"We are so thrilled with her and couldn’t imagine life without Leia now. She’s a very out going little dog, loves the farm life and has even proven herself quite handy when shifting stock and loading sheep trucks, which we weren’t expecting! Shes full of attitude, loves all the working dogs and fits in well. We just couldn’t be happier, so thank you for sending us such a super dog. Have attached some photos of the little superstar too. "

Thank you for the update :)

Click HERE for more photos of the lovely Leia.

Outstanding Swedish Vallhunds

Heath, TEMPERAMENT and Confirmation