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Swedish Vallhunds are an amazing and versatile breed. While being hardy dogs, originally bred as working farm dogs they are also incredibly sweet and affectionate family pets. Saved from near extinction at the end of world war two they're now the much loved national breed of Sweden. Also known as Västgötaspets, this breed make amazing family dogs, thrive in both urban and rural environments and are excellent with children, other dogs and animals. Being working dogs they're super smart and easily trained.

Swedish Vallhunds typically live 14-17 years, have an easy care coat and are a small to medium sized dog.  As with any puppy they require good socialising while young.

Below are useful links and Swedish Vallhund information on the breed, diet, breed clubs & breeders around the world.

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Swedish Vallhund Breed Clubs:

The below breed clubs provide fantastic information on the Swedish Vallhund, Swedish Vallhund breed standards and health of our breed.

Specialklubben för Västgötaspets - Sweden

Swedish Vallhund Club of America - America

Swedish Vallhund Society - England

Swedish Vallhund Club of Canada - Canada

Länsigöötanmaanpystykorvat - Finland


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Swedish Vallhund Information

Dogs New Zealand - The Breed Standard for Swedish Vallhunds in New Zealand & great information on purebred dogs, shows and the registry in New Zealand

SV Pedigrees - A great resource for any Swedish Vallhund breeder or anyone interested in the pedigrees of the breed.

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