Winning Champion Svedala Linus Lingon - Swedish Import - Swedish Vallhund
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OSUNO Swedish vallhunds


Bred for Health, Temperament and Confirmation

Proud preservation breeders of outstanding Swedish Vallhunds, also known as Västgötaspets in Auckland, New Zealand.

Osuno was first registered with the NZKC (Dogs NZ) in 1969 and now spans 3 generations of the family passionate about purebred and pedigree dogs. We have a long and successful history in the New Zealand dog world beginning in 1969 with Chow Chows and for the last 19 years the Swedish Vallhund.

Health, temperament, genetic diversity and confirmation are of utmost importance to us in each and every Swedish Vallhund puppy we breed.

To achieve this we work with some of the worlds top Champion Swedish Vallhund lines imported from Sweden, Finland, England and Australia. All our Swedish Vallhunds are carefully health tested and thoughtfully paired with their best match in health, temperament, confirmation and genetic diversity.

We pride ourselves on being breeders of happy, healthy, well-adjusted puppies suitable as much loved family pets, working and show dogs.

Osuno Swedhish Vallhund puppies are generally available once or twice a year. If you’re interested in adding a Swedish Vallhund puppy to your family feel free to visit our Puppies page for information on our next litter of Swedish Vallhund puppies for sale / adoption.


Osuno Swedish Vallhunds are Members of Dogs New Zealand (NZKC) and the Swedish Vallhund Club.

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Cute Tail Swedish Vallhund Puppy
Champion Svedala Linus Lingon - Swedish Import - Swedish Vallhund

Outstanding Swedish Vallhunds

Heath, TEMPERAMENT and Confirmation